Lead Pastor


Bishop Innocent Mudandi and his wife Antoinette Nangororwa are both from Christian families born and raised in Christian life.
Bishop Innocent has lost his first wife Nasine which God has blessed them with 3 Children.
(Jeantille, Immaculee and Liliane) after the loss he married to Antoinette and God blessed them with 5 Children 1 girl(Angelique) and 4 boys Mandela, Victoire, Pacifique and Emmanuel and 17 beautiful Grandchildren.
Antoinette is a woman of Prayer, Prayer is her life, also she likes to take care the church building before and after each Worship Service
 Bishop Innocent was called first as a singer in Church Choir since he was a young Boy and then Guitar player, in 1999 he was called to serve as Deacon till 2010 when he was called as Pastor after planting El-Shaddai in Austin Texas and in 2022 he was ordained as Bishop of El-shaddai Baptist Church.